Car key remote control is not safe for children

Currently many kinds of motorcycles, automobiles are equipped with remote control key (remote key). However, there have been cases that map to press the lock and in the trunk, the car still disappear suddenly. To get the best remote starter, this article will give you full of picture the best type of product and how to take safe for your car.

The following is considered as best kind of this product with suitable as well as affordable price for many families to choose for their children a good commodity.

Supercar terrain model toy products present the latest drivers, durable casing, sleek, eye-catching. The car is designed pit designs and modern. Products for the automotive enthusiast gentleman and a toy will help them be allowed to express the ingenuity and curiosity to discover his automobile when the shield forward, backward, turn left or turn right.

  1. Features

Ultra-terrain vehicle is a product for those who love cars and sport climbing for baby to explore, dynamic.

– Vehicles designed car models like static but can be controlled.

– Bo steering drive design realistic, extremely responsive controls.

– 1 set of products include: 1 car, 1 driver, 1 charger cord, battery.

– Vehicles can run on batteries or charging.

– 41 * 13 * Dimensions 25.5CM

– Weight 2 KG

– Warranty 2 months with bill

Besides, in the market appear many ranges of remote car because of many reasons. Remote Control Cars have long been not anything too new technology because this used to be the favorite toy of many boys as juveniles. That childhood toys, and now we have more advanced technology at lower prices. Parents should consider choosing the most suitable one.

However, besides mention to the characteristics of remote car, it is considered to bring some disadvantage because of the feature of control through the remote car key.

  1. The risks of remote car when being put in unsafe place

Manufacturers admit crevice, technical characteristics of the control technology makes the ordered lock / unlock the car door, which can not be done. In most cases the key hit the lock button on the remote to make the opportunity to host germ car, which is locked, but when you come back, the valuables in the car had disappeared without any reasons. Bring this issue discussed with the manufacturers and automobile assembly in many countries, they are recognized fully capable remote control key, which is disabled due to diffraction.

  1. Remote car key’s disadvantages

Accordingly, most of the remote control key is used on the line of cars are using wave AM (wave-like channels on the radio AM) to emit a short wavelength coincide with the stored wave in cell cars and ordered to close / open the car from a certain distance.

In some cases, key remote control may not work when obstructed by metal objects, cars parked near the TV tower, radio stations, power generation, airports or power transmitters. Even when placed near the remote control key or key when another power capable of radio is used at the same time.

When using remote car keys, it’s best to try to check the safety whether door is locked or not.

Technical Service Manager of Toyota Motor Vietnam – Ngoc Mai Rat – said, if in the same period, both the Toyota and turned the key and the signal receiver of the vehicle will receiving an interference wave signal, which does not match the registration in the car, so in this case the door will not open / close.

  1. Other demerits

There are also cases of radio frequency (from any device), which is less than the frequency emitted by the remote control keys of the vehicles can not open / lock the door. According to technical experts, a number of luxury cars will not be this case because cars were equipped with a rectifier to eliminate diffraction.

Head of technical services joint venture of Ford Vietnam – Ngo Minh Quy Phong – said, car keys each have two parts: the key body (grooved metal rod as normal keys) and plastic parts with adapters encrypted electronic control. On the engine is equipped with a key chip encoded with the system boot up cars despite the open door with key agencies such as back or above cases, the crooks can not start the engine.

Users as the best car keys should check back door lock, which is not true, or flashing lights, car alarm klaxon accordance with the instructions attached to the car or not.

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