Manual For The Best Use Of Pressure Cooker

It takes for granted that using electric pressure cooker correctly may not only limit the ignition incidents but also help you use up the function and longevity of the electric pressure cooker. Keep some criteria in your mind when selecting this product, especially pressure canner for sale. Let’s refer to the article to have useful knowledge for yourself.

Before Using

You should carefully read the user manual accompanying the product, apply to all kinds of pressure cooker, to help the safe use and to help prevent damage during cooking pot with a pressure cooker.

Before Cooking

As when taking the food into the pot, it should not be filled, prevent spilled food while cooking. Specifically, with vegetables, meat and fish, they should not exceed three-quarters of volume pot, the rice should not exceed 2/3 of the pot, while the liquid is not more than ½.

When closing the lid, check carefully to the locked valve, check whether the slider is sure or not, the collar has been put in place yet. After locking the pot, you should use your hands to lift the pot up to check that you have made sure the right steps.

When placing the pot on the gas stove, it should be certainly located. You also need to adjust the gas burner flame, which is not too large so that the fire will not spread out to the side of the pot and contact with hands.

During Cooking

During the cooking process, if a little stream is out of the pot or body, it is proved not to cover the pot tightly and you need to adjust. When the pot reaches the high pressure levels, they must quickly adjust to the fire if you do not want your food overcooked.

For liquid foods such as porridge, when seeing the safe valve escape the steam, you should adjust back to porridge not flow out.

After Cooking

When food is cooked, you need to reduce the pressure in the cooker before opening the lid. When you open the lid, you should open the lid slowly and lean to one side to make sure the heat is not made in the face. You can do the discharge pressure in the cooker before opening the lid with 1 in 3 ways as below:

Natural Pressure Drop: You only need to cool the pot naturally in air and then open the lid and the pressure in the pot can itself discharge. This method can be applied when cooking meat, foaming food and liquid food.

Reduced Pressure With Cold Water: If you do not want to wait, use cold water to reduce the pressure of the pot. You take the pot into the water tank and put the water on the outside edges of the lid, but absolutely do not allow water to enter the vents and valves of the pot. This method can be applied when cooking vegetables, however, it should not take this approach often because it can be dangerous when the water clogs the valve.

Reduce Pressure By Relief Valve: The pressure cooker is designed to add a special pressure valve. You simply press the discharge valve that the pressure cooker can be discharged automatically. However, you should not apply for this type of liquid food, the foaming food and meat.

Maintenance And Hygiene

+Leave the pot cool before cleaning. Unplug the power cord out of the socket,

And then unplug from the pressure cooker.

+ Wash the heart of the pot, cover with water and key pieces of warm soapy.

+ Ensure clean before use.

+ It is important to check the vent by taking very small trees,

+ Do not lock the lid when not in use.

+ Clean the key pieces in the lid.

+ After each use, inspect pieces of course whether there are not any holes

+ Ensure that valves and machines is in good operating condition and remove the lid or check any other substance clogged vents.

+ In addition, the power cord should be able to wipe the moisture with a soft cloth.

+ Do not immerse in water or wired solutions

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