What Is A Good Vacuum Sealer For Your Family

The vacuum sealers are plastic bags with different sizes, specially designed, which uses many types of containers and storage of utensils, various commodities in the relative vacuum, especially blankets , clothes…

Our country under the tropical monsoon climate with hot, humid and rainy nature, should be the preservation of blankets, clothes … the past is often very difficult season, easily the state of being moldy, position, torn down. Consulting more vacuum sealer reviews will provide much more details. Further areas of housing space in Vietnam often narrow, when the Season, for example from spring into summer-autumn, we have to pull up a large amount of items not in use, storage for next season. Often pile occupies a lot of area, otherwise known scientifically arranged, reasonable, indoor space will become more cramped and cluttered, disfiguring.

All the trouble in the past season utensils storage will quickly be resolved with vacuum bags. Bag vacuum environment of not only against moisture, termites but also collapse and utensils, making the arrangement more convenient and tidy. A further characteristic of Vietnam offers vacuum bag can be used when traveling, you can bring many clothes without dragging bulky suitcase, the trip will be more comfortable and fun.

With many useful features and convenience so, we specialize in the import orientation and distribution of goods, vacuum sealer bring satisfaction, for customer convenience

Are Thicker Bags As Possible?

A misconception exists in the minds of many consumers think that the thicker vacuum bag as possible. Actually three material elements, vacuum valves, new zipper bag quality decisions.

The thickness of the bag is just a small characteristics depend on material factors create products. These products typically a vacuum bag on the market now mainly made of PET + PA or PA + PE recycling, low-cost production so manufacturers often increase the thickness of the bags to deceive consumers. In fact, the thicker bags as poor quality.

For vacuum sealers are manufactured using the most advanced technology, thin laminated bag thickness is only 0.7, but is composed of five layers. This reasonable thickness helps bag excellent durability, ensure confidentiality and reuse over 1 year over 5 years.

Vacuum sealers are household items to appear on the market a few years ago, but today, this product has been very popular and many consumers preferred due to its usability.

With a relative vacuum, bags can be stored through a wide variety of seasonal items, such as blankets, clothes … and help living space more tidy.

The Best Choice When Buying Vacuum Sealers

Now is the time the season from spring to summer, the family would need to stow blankets pillows, winter clothing, making the demand for the product increases the vacuum bag. Accordingly, the market offers this item as varied and richer, with a lot of bags of origin, color, different materials … making it difficult for the consumer’s choice. Without proper experience and knowledge, you will be very easy to choose the wrong type of vacuum bags poor quality, low life expectancy.

The following note in the selection of vacuum bags well will help you become a smart consumer:

The first is the material the bag. This is very important note. Vacuum bags are currently produced by two main material: PET + PA + PE or PE. In which PA + PE bags made of very soft, flexible, tough material also makes PET + PE bags rustling feeling the touch, brittle surface of the bag, easy to rupture.

The Zipper

This is a very well kept in mind when choosing a vacuum bag because the bag has been filled slightly or not mainly in this department. Vacuum bag quality bag has two parallel grooves closely linked, though used; scroll back and forth dozens of times, still durable zippers, no cracking torn.

Vacuum Valve

Currently these bags sold on the market is made up with 2 different types of valves, called van 1-way and 2-way valve. 2-way valve of which includes one rubber knob left. When conducting vacuum to lift the rubber knob new air can be sucked out. After smoking is complete you must quickly press the rubber knob back in place, if not, the air will spill into immediately. In addition, one way valve fixed with rubber knob.

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